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Affirmations Healing

Course Description

Welcome to “Healing through Affirmations”. This course provides an in-depth guide to healing many common physical, emotional and mental ailments through conscious thought correction and healing affirmations.

Increasingly, science has shown that there is a deep connection between our thoughts, emotions and our physical state. This course will explore this concept in detail and provide tools for the novice, as well as the seasoned metaphysical practitioner to effectively harness the power of positive affirmations as a healing tool.

Course Overview

Some of what we will cover includes:

  • The mind/body connection: We will explore how our physical state can be directly impacted by our mental patterns and emotional trauma.
  •  Which types of illnesses can manifest as a result of a mental blocks and how healing affirmations can cut through to the heart of the issue.
  •  Ten principles which are critical to long term health and wellness
  •  The major prerequisites needed to set the stage for your healing journey
  •  The keys to mastering healing through affirmations, including visualization and embracing emotions that may surface
  •  Creative ways to expand your consciousness for deeper awareness and healing
  •  The best techniques for structuring powerfully healing affirmations
  •  Mind/body healing techniques and affirmations from various indigenous cultures around the world, as    well as contemporary metaphysical scholars
  •  Specific illnesses and their metaphysical cause, including sample affirmations to treat them
  •  Additional resources to aid in your healing journey, or that of those you work with

Examples of Healing Through Affirmations

To give you an idea of the possibilities, let’s explore a few examples in which affirmations can heal. These scenarios are fictional, but they do mirror actual accounts of self healing. 

Example 1. 
Abigail is a 24-year-old woman who is in her final year of grad school and will soon embark on the journey to find a job and establish a career. Although Abigail is an excellent student, she experiences crippling anxiety when she thinks of entering the workforce. This is because Abigail secretly feels inadequate and doubts her ability to perform in the real world at the level of her peers.
To try to resolve this problem, Abigail seeks help from a psychotherapist who specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a form of talk therapy that allows the patient to explore issues that they may have and use reframing and positive affirmations to rewire their responses to the identified problems.
By delving into her fears, Abigail discovers that the root of her anxiety stems from the fact that her mother never encouraged her as a child. In fact, she was quite demeaning toward Abigail and made her feel as if she was not as intelligent or pretty as other children. This caused Abigail to internalize a sense of insecurity and inadequacy that followed her into her adult life.
To help Abigail counteract this internal programming, the therapist employed affirmations, which she had Abigail repeat during their consultations, as well as on her own throughout the day. The affirmations focused on the fact that Abigail was, in fact, intelligent, worthy, and capable of success. Over time, the old mental programming was released and Abigail was able to see a new version of herself, which gave her the confidence to move forward in her professional life.  

Example 2.  

Robert is a highly successful executive with a loving family. Most would think him extremely lucky. However, Robert’s hectic lifestyle has caused him to gain considerable weight over the years. At first gradually, then accelerating during the peak of his career, Robert now finds himself 100 pounds overweight.  At a loss as to how he can undo the damage, and frustrated with traditional diet and exercise plans, Robert turns to healing affirmations at the suggestion of a friend.As part of his healing journey, Robert’s friend suggests that he initially keep a journal to clear his head, identify the root cause of his weight gain, and clearly plot out a desired end goal. It is through this activity that Robert discovers he holds subconscious beliefs that to stay ahead of the game in the treacherous corporate arena, he can’t afford to allow himself time for self care. If his activities are not seen as producing for the company or attracting lucrative clients, he feels guilty and that the position he worked so hard to attain may be in jeopardy.
This realization allowed Robert to craft healing affirmations that speak directly to this issue. His regular affirmations were centered on self love, respecting his body, and understanding his inherent worth. Robert also resolved to spend more time with his family and in joyful pursuits, which actually made him more productive in his career. As a result of maintaining a less stressful mindset, adopting conscious eating habits and spending more time in joyous physical activity with his family, Robert was able to lose weight almost effortlessly.  

Food for Thought 

In light of what you have learned so far, can you see how affirmations can be a positive catalyst for healing? Think about any potential areas in your life, or the lives of people around you, where these techniques may be of benefit. As you move deeper into the material, keep an open mind and be receptive to the many realizations you are likely to have.  Healing Affirmations are quickly becoming recognized as a beneficial holistic way to heal a number of ailments. The examples given in this chapter are but two of many scenarios in which affirmations can uproot debilitating thought patterns that have taken root and caused turmoil and imbalance in the mind or body. Healing affirmations are effective for a wide variety of ailments — physical, mental, and emotional. Throughout the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the science behind this transformative process, which illnesses it can effectively heal, and how to harness the power of affirmations for your own healing, or those you work with.

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