Affiliated by QF Trust (5954)Redg. Under Niti Aayog ,Dl/2021/0282728, Government of India Since (2008)


Vedic Shiksha Peeth of Occult Science vision is to become a medium of making occult science education easy for students who are unable to attend regular classes. The challenge before us is to make the instructional for better understanding of any course syllabus. delivery of curriculum convenient and as effective as regular classes for the students. It is a well-planned and organized extended learning endeavor which allowed students to pursue other activities without affecting their learning. Reaching out to them through the online medium was an excellent way to deliver educational resources and nullify the location constraint.

We encourage students to attend the classroom training, practical work with theory through the online and offline medium as suited by the student convenience. We encourage students to get the work experience by continuing their current or future job with the continuation of occult study.

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