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Zodiac Reiki

This digital course certifies you as a Master of Zodiac Reiki, as well as any other live course. This energy system was conceived and created by Dr Devi Chauhan.

Minimum requirement, already be a level 2 Usui Reiki, but it is recommended to have the third level of Usui Reiki, to be a Reiki Master.

Zodiac Reiki is a Reiki system based on the twelve signs of the astrology system. This zodiac signs are archetypes in the unconscious of our culture, they are imbued with specific qualities. Astrology is just another means of understanding reality. The signs of zodiac  influence our souls. This Reiki and these symbols are powerful and important. It fits perfectly into any type of holistic therapy.

You will get the necessary attunements, you’ll learn the theory and you’ll learn how to attune your future students at all signs of Zodiac Reiki.

Are you ready to learn how the zodiac signs can help you to change the reality?

Are you ready to know the intense level of energy of the zodiac signs?

Are you ready to step up the level in your spiritual evolution?

Zodiac Reiki Course Content
  • The zodiac
  • Astral influences
  • Work with signs
  • About the attunements
  • The element of signs
Zodiac Reiki symbols
  • Zodiac Reiki Symbols
  • The symbols
Twelve systems
  • Aries Zodiac Reiki
  • Taurus Zodiac Reiki
  • Gemini Zodiac Reiki
  • Cancer Zodiac Reiki
  • Leo Zodiac Reiki
  • Virgo Zodiac Reiki
  • Libra Zodiac Reiki
  • Scorpio Zodiac Reiki
  • Sagittarius Zodiac Reiki
  • Capricorn Zodiac Reiki
  • Aquarius Zodiac Reiki
  • Pisces Zodiac Reiki

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