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Switch Words

What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are the power words that do not have proper meanings but intent. SW work like the powerful Indian Mantras. Till now, thousands of result-oriented Switchwords have been invented, and more are being invented by the experts.

The Switchwords virtually address near to every area of life – be it, finance, health, love, relationships, education, beauty, success, or more. Almost human goals revolve around these niches.

What are these goals? Nothing more than a mental state! Switchwords work as a medium to achieve that state.

Some call SW a pure subconscious trick where some regard it as something divine & magical. In our opinion, Switchwords are a medium of taping divinity with the help of the subconscious mind.

Day 1
  • What are switchwords
  • Who invented switchwords
  • How do switchwords works
  • Become a Money Magnet
  • Switchwords for money manifestation
Day 2
  • Activate the law of attraction with swithwords
  • 5 ways to use switchwords
  • Switchwords for abundance
  • How to chant switchwords
  • Attract good luck in life!
Day 3
  • Switchwords for prosperity
  • Switchwords for quick money
  • Switchwords for money miracles
  • Attract money, clients and new opportunities
Day 4
  • How to use switchwords effectivelyswitchwords for health
  • Switchwords for weight loss
  • Switchwords to look younger
  • Switchwords miracles
  • Switchwords success stories
  • Master switchwords
  • Switchwords remedies
  • Switch words for new house
  • Switchwords to sell property
Day 5
  • Switchwords and energy circles
  • Switchwords for job promotion
  • Switchwords for job interview
  • Switchwords for job security
  • Switchwords for job success
  • Switchwords for office politics
  • Switchwords to get job immediately
Day 6
  • Switchwords for love and relationship
  • Switchwords to attract someone
  • Switchwords for quick marriage
  • Switchwords to get rid of someone
  • Switchwords to make someone talk
  • Switchwords to make someone miss you
  • Switchwords to make someone love you
  • Switchwords to make someone call you
  • Switchwords to get your ex back
How Switchwords work?

As we said, human goals are nothing but mental states. These mental states take place in the subconscious mind. It will not be wrong to say that the subconscious is both an advantage and obstacle in achieving the goals. The achieving or suffering depends upon the programming of your subconscious mind and Switchwords trigger the programming of the subconscious mind. So, it is vital to train it rightly; for this, make the subconscious your best friend, not an enemy. You will learn amazing ways to program your subconscious mind in our online Switchwords course. When you learn to program your subconscious mind, using Switchwords becomes easy & effective for you.

Why use Switchwords?

Switchwords are one of the easiest manifestation techniques based on the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind needs something definite to shift from one state to another. Switchwords serve this purpose well!

The subconscious understands the language of emotions. It filters out the data based on the emotions associated with certain words/things/conditions. There are certain words that hold certain emotions and give a quick Switch to the subconscious mind, which further helps in manifesting the desires.

When you intentionally chant a word, your subconscious reacts to it and releases emotions associated with the word in the universe then attracts similar experiences.

Let us take an example of the Switchword DONE. Whenever we say or hear Done, it gives a quick expression of completion or something is accomplished successfully. Using the subconscious experience associated with the word Done, when you chant DONE repeatedly, it helps the subconscious mind to find out ways of completing something. Directing this amazing energy, you can use SW DONE to successfully complete the targeted task.

How to use Switchwords?

There are various methods to use Switchwords such as, chanting, writing, gazing, drinking, keeping, and using in energy circles, etc. However, all the methods aim to tap the Switchwords energy. You can adopt a way which your subconscious accepts readily.

What are Switchcodes?

Switchcodes work like Switchwords only. Both are equally effective. Moreover, their using methods are also the same. Basically, Switchcodes are numeric codes that contain frequencies of numbers. There are different techniques to create Switchcodes which are easy to learn for anyone.

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