Affiliated by QF Trust (5954)Redg. Under Niti Aayog ,Dl/2021/0282728, Government of India Since (2008)

Doctorate in Tarot

(Honorary Doctorate)



1. Graduate in any discipline

2. Certified course in Astrology/ Vedic Vastu /Palmistry/Numerology/Tarot Reading

5 Years experience in Astrology/ Vedic Vastu /Palmistry/Numerology/Tarot Reading

DURATION : 1 Year 6 Months



What you will learn ?

  • Deep knowledge of tarot
  • Which angle connect with which card
  • Crystal resonates with different cards
  • Planet connection with different cards
  • Zodiac etc
  • More deep methods techniques
  • Past life readings
  • Different types meditation
  • Tarot healing
  • Astrology tarot
  • Numerology tarot
  • Date of birth tarot reading
  • Deep explanation of 78 card
  • Client dealing
  • Accurate reading techniques
  • How to make clients for long stay
  • Tarot vedic + vedic remedies
  • How to check Planet negative impact from tarot
  • Tarot timings
  • Tarot health
  • Aura gazing by tarot
  • Meditation with tarot

Many more things you will learn in Honorary Doctorate in Tarot as this is the research work qualification.


  • After Payment Of Fees, Pre -Test Will Be Taken.
  • Select One Topic From The Given Topics.
  • After Selection Of The Topic, Guide Will Be Provided Who Will Provide Continuous Guidance.
  • Prepare 3 Copies Of Synopsis (Each Copy For College, Guide & Student) Within 3 Months.
  • Progress Of Research Must Be Send To Institute In Every 3 Months.
  • During Research Period Researcher Should Publish One Article In Astrological Magazine
  • Session Work Of Research Must Be Submitted On Time.
  • Research (Findings) Must Be Based On Practical case studies.
  • Minimum Sampling Must Be 150 pages
  • 3 Sets Of Typed Thesis Must Be Submitted.
  • Oral Examination (viva voce) will Be Held Within 3 Months Of Submission Of Thesis.
  • Researcher Must Certify That Their Research Is Original (First Hand).
  • After 18 Months Of Admission Extension Will Be Granted By Submission Of Penalty.
  • This Honorary Doctorate Degree Is Equivalent To Ph.D. But Researcher Is Not Qualified For Any Government Post.
  • All Disputes Subject To Delhi Jurisdiction

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