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Money Reiki

Money Reiki can for sure solve your money problems.  Once you are attuned to Money Reiki, your financial life greatly improves with the newly gained Money Reiki vibration. GOLD POT. Money Reiki is a thorough guide that will walk you through all the expertise which will be needed to achieve great success and financial freedom.

Money Reiki has three levels, each one makes you more capable to deal with different situations and problems related to money.

Money Reiki Practitioner

Money Reiki Practitioner, though it is the first level, enables one to make significant changes in his financial life of self as well as for others. DOLLAR EURO BHAT MONEY REIKI

In Fact, in this first level, you are directed towards the world financial healing.

You can perform a Money Reiki Treatment for yourself and for your clients.

In this first level of Money Reiki, you get attuned to all currency symbols, like Dollar symbol, Euro Symbol, Indian Rupee Symbol, or any other currency which the student want to attune to.

One of my students of Money Reiki was from Indonesia, so he wanted me to attune him to his currency, so I attune him to Indonesian currency Rupiah.

I also teach Money Reiki students how to meditate on the currency symbol, and get the frequency alignment with money.

Meditation with the Money Reiki symbol is fun and easy, one should do this meditation as much as possible.

What Will You Learn In The 1st Level Of Money Reiki Practitioner?
  • What Is Money Reiki?
  • Introduction To Money Energy.
  • How It Positively Affects The Planets.
  • Attunement To Money Reiki Symbol.
  • Guidelines To Use Money Reiki.
  • How To Perform Money Reiki Treatments.
  • How To Work With Yourself And With Your Clients.
  • Learn How To Turn Any Object In Money Magnet.
  • Make Your Own Money Reiki Box.
  • How To Do Financial Blessings.

The most important thing about Money Reiki Practitioner level is it changes your outlook towards Money and Abundance. It makes necessary changes in your mindset, to open yourself to accept and receive this beautiful gift of Abundance and Prosperity.

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