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What Will You Learn?

The Rune Diploma Course provides all the information you need to understand the history and meanings of runes and how to use them to perform readings for yourself and others.

The course opens with a history of runes – examining evidence of their origin and where this can be found, along with how their use developed over time. You’ll explore the various runic alphabets and the ways in which they vary, as well as the sounds the runes represented and their basic meanings. The following alphabets are covered in the course: The Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Runes, Marcommanic Runes, The Younger Futhark, Medieval Runes, and Dalecarlian Runes.

To complement the exploration of runic alphabets, the Rune Divination Diploma Course walks you through runic literature. There is a particular focus given to the Hávamálm, which describes how Odin found the runes, and the Rune Poems, which are the main source for the meanings associated with them.

As a means of furthering your understanding of runes, you’ll explore Norse mythology and its connection with runes and the association between myths and characters and the meaning of individual runes. The meanings of the main symbols associated with each rune are also covered, as is how to interpret meaning when using runes in divination.

While sets of runes can be purchased, many rune readers prefer to make their own. The Rune Diploma Course will guide you through the various ways of doing so and how to consecrate and store your runes. You’ll learn the associations each rune has with colours, trees, stones, and herbs, in case you wish to incorporate any of this information in the design of your rune bag or box.

Armed with your own runes and the knowledge of their meanings, the course teaches you how to use them in divination, outlining two techniques – rune casting (or “drawing lots”) and rune spreads. You’ll be guided through what you need to read runes, the necessary preparations to make, and the techniques used to read runes.

Runes are used in a school of magic called the “Northern Path”, which fits under the broad umbrella of modern paganism. You’ll learn the history of rune magic, why you may wish to make a runic amulet or talisman and the elements to incorporate in their design depending on their purpose.

  • Module 1 – History of the Runes
  • Module 2 – Runic Alphabets
  • Module 3 – Rune Literature
  • Module 4 – Mythology and Symbolism
  • Module 5 – Making Runes
  • Module 6 – Meanings of the Runes
  • Module 7 – Casting the Runes
  • Module 8 – Rune Spreads
  • Module 9 – Rune Magic
Who Would Benefit from This Course?

No prior knowledge of runes, Norse mythology or modern paganism is required to enjoy the Rune Divination Diploma Course, as you will be taken from beginner through to being able to read runes. However, the course will also be of great interest to those who practice other forms of divination, such as astrology, tarot, palmistry and numerology.

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