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Diploma & PG Diploma


• Lal Kitab theory Introduction
• Grammar part of Lal Kitab
• Power and effect of planetary aspects
• Sleeping house, Sleeping planet
• Nabalik Minor Teva
• Planet of birth day and time
• Day and time of each planet
• sacrifice of Planets
• General effect of planets on age
• Relatives of planets
• Objects related to planets
• Relationship of planets with zodiac and house
• Friendship-enmity of planets
• Taboo-forbidden rules of Lal Kitab
• Prohibited Rules related to residential house
• Remedies of Lal Kitab
• Definition of house and fixed planets
• Special Prediction of planets in twelve houses
• Prediction of Planets in twelve houses of chart
• Prediction of 9 planets in twelve houses
• Panchayat or Prediction of multiple planets in a house
• Prediction of planet and diseases
• some principles of Prediction on diseases
• Method of making Varshaphal
• Preparation, analysis and interpretation of Varshphala
• Lal Kitab Varsha Kundali vs Vedic Varsha Kundli
• Prediction of Lal Kitab Varshfala
• Rules for analysing the maas-kundli
• Marriage yoga in the varshfala
• Promotion or Success or other special yogs in Varshfala
• and many more…

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