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Diploma & PG Diploma


What you will learn ?

General astrology
What is kaal purush
Kaal purush body parts
Concept of house
Concept of lagna or acendant formation
How to we are born with a lagna
Importance of lagna sun and moon chart
Importance of lagna and lagna lord
Why there is an animal shapes & structure
Assigned to the respective rashi
Concept of zodiac
Concept of plants
Importance & nature of moon
Concept of nakshastra
Waning& waxing moon
Solar & lunar Eclipse
Reason behind the reason
Why mars governs first house ?
Why after 7th house jupiter and saturn governs the chart?
Marak & badhak planets
Nakshatra& their vaidik names & english names explanation of bhavat bhavam.
Kindali making styles
Aspect if planets

Benefits of learning Astrology from Vedic Shiksha Peeth of Occult Science
  • You Will Be Able To Give Accurate Future Predictions.
  • You Will Definitely Learn More Than The Syllabus.
  • You Will Be Able To Make Vedic Astrology Birth Chart/ Kundali.

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