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What is Graphology?

Graphology is the examination of the actual qualities and examples of handwriting with the endeavor to recognize the author, demonstrate the mental state at the hour of composing or assess character attributes.

We all have learned to write with a certain goal in mind when we were kids at school, yet it is obvious that nobody keeps on composing precisely how they were instructed and everybody’s penmanship appears to be unique. Truth be told when somebody can compose, the person in question step by step changes the shapes and sizes of letters as per singular preferences.

It is the investigation of how a person’s handwriting demonstrates their personal qualities. Also, depends on the mental idea of ‘abnormality.


The human brain is extremely incredible, we were unable to quantify the force of a human mind in normal terms. There are countless models where people have done astounding things which we can’t envision.

Graphology is a mix of art and science. It is a science since it estimates the construction and development of the composing structures – inclinations, points, and dividing are precisely determined and the pressing factor is seen in amplification and with exactness.

Handwriting comprises three things – movement, spacing, and form. A graphologist examines these varieties as they happen in every one of these parts of composing, and connects mental understandings to them.


● The investigation of handwriting examination places you in contact with another and interesting world that arrangements with the astonishing capability of the human character.

● The capacity to examine handwriting gives you another comprehension of yourself or others that are of high repute to you.

● You can discover why individuals at times acquire some unacceptable impression about you – a feeling that you never planned to give them.

● You’ll acquire a comprehension of the strategies you use to manage your issues.

● Realizing your genuine qualities will place the focal point of control in your own hands. This by itself is a self-avowing experience extremely valuable. It is a fundamental prerequisite for making significant, once in a while extraordinary choice.

● Handwriting Analysis can assist an individual with learning their solidarity and shortcoming. Further, they can use their capacities to change ways

Benefits of learning Graphology from Vedic Shiksha Peeth of Occult Science

You will be able to give accurate Personality Prediction of an individual

You will be able to provide scientific solutions and Remedies

You will able to give tips for Child Development

You can Suggest which Career should Individual pursue

You will be able to understand the chance of domestic violence

You will be able to Improvise selection

To understand yourself much better

You will be able to give Graphotherapy

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