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Crystal Healing

Diploma & PG Diploma


Do you want to put a spark into your love life, attract abundance, get new job, peace & protection! You can! Let the magic of crystals work for you. The sheer beauty of crystals mesmerizes the mind and put the beholder in the right mental space for magical work. Crystals have the vibrations of thoughts and intentions, and put them work for you. They have magical powers and properties that attract, heal, protect, enhance, divine the future, and much more. Crystals comes in many shapes and sizes. When harnessed the unique beauty of crystals, they can change life of people. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for adornment and to influence the course of life. Crystals have many uses; they generate, store, regulate, transmit, and absorb energy. They attract and repel. They help in harmonizing the surroundings and the body.

Course Details:
  • Introduction of Crystal and how they work.
  • History of Crystals.
  • Introduction of Crystal and how they work.
  • History of Crystals.
  • Discussion on Subtitle bodies, Chakras & Meradians.
  • Crystals and colors.
  • Aura Assessment.
  • The Endocrine system.
  • Guidelines for choosing and acquiring crystals.
  • Learn the healing properties of the different Crystal shapes and formations (also natural growth versus cutting and polishing).
  • CRYSTAL ALTAR- how to perform spinal clearing (healing) with Crystals
  • Healing preparations: Before & After.
  • Protection.
  • Chakra balancing treatment:
  • Specialized Crystal layouts
  • Aura Seal
  • Basic Cleansing/Energizing Layout.
  • Perform a crystal Healing on yourself.
  • work with Crystal wands.
  • Grid interior and exterior space with Crystals for purposes of protection, healing, and co-creation.
  • Healing Crystal instruments and how to make them.
  • Master Crystals – Who they are, how to identify them and work with them.
You will receive:

A set of chakra stones

An extensive course manual

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