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This module will introduce students to the very basics of Astrology. Starting from Mangalacharan (Prayer), it will cover scientific applications, Indian overview, Five pillars of Astrology, Malefic Constellations, etc. On completion of module 1students will familiarize with the subject and feel comfortable with the Astrological terminologies.


This module will make students know about the nine planets, their significance, behaviors, effects, etc. This module shall also throw light on various houses in a horoscope and what to see from them. After finishing Module 2 students will have their platform of astrology on a sound plinth.


This module will deal with effects of planets in different position of the horoscope. It shall give an in-depth analysis like effect on one’s looks, physical characteristics, profession, health, likes- dislike’s, wealth, job or business, children, spouse, etc. On completion of Module 3 students will be in a position to analyze and see various aspects in a horoscope.


This module will deal with the effects of zodiac sign in different places in the horoscope. It shall also cover special combinations based on these signs. Module 4 offers student with further practical and advance concepts, which will further motivate and help them to learn systematic and advance concepts.


This module will show the students the relativity effect of time by way of understanding of ‘dashas’. Here student shall study the effect of time from 20 years to 2 months based on various Mahadasha, ‘Antar Dasha’, Pratyantar Dasha’ and Sukhshma Pratyantar Dasha. On completion pf Module5, students will add a new dimension into their study, that is Time..


This Module Shall Give the students the last mile thrust so that they can practically read a horoscope. This module shall initiate students on reading horoscope with many practical guidelines. On completion of Module 6, students will gain knowledge and confidence in Astrology so that they can go ahead in their journey of reading horoscope


This module shall cover all Yogas (combinations) of planets, zodic signs and places in the horoscope. These yogas will give an advance understanding of the subject with real in depth analysis and to the point prediction. On completion of Module 7, students will be able to see various subtle and bottom line combinations, which bring a new, look in the whole scenario. This module shall prove to be very interesting and interrogating for the students.


This module covers comparison and predictions on the basis of position of planets in the current scenario with what it was at the time of birth. In this module student shall master latest and day-to-day movements of planets. And predictions based on them. Module 8 shall give insight to students about the current time- fame.


This module will cover all the constellations with their Charn (parts) and the effect on people born under these constellations. This shall also throw light on predictions based on these with various sets of solutions. Here surging deep into this aspect shall benefit students. Which South- Indian Astrologers are fascinated to.


This module covers the various doshas or defects in the horoscope. The major doshas, covered are Pitra Dosha , Nadi Dosha, etc. It shall throw light on why they occurred, what negative effects they have and the practical and applicable solutions for these doshas. Probably the most powerful, most true and most result oriented art, which students can study and confirm within their environment.


This module shall Focus specifically on the various solutions that can be suggested bassed on the defects or day-to-day problem. This shall be a vast subject that shall cover crystals, precious gems, various pujas, japas, simple solution, daana, mantra, yantra, etc. A Detailed and informative topic by which students will be benefited to work out and suggest solutions that are impatiently sought after good analysis of horoscopes.


Project- This module shall be a project and in depth analysis on astrology for students. It shall cover practical aspects like when or what to apply at the time of reading horoscopes so that they can feel the depth themselves what a renowned astrologer has. After completion of this module student shall have sufficient knowledge and confidence to establish themselves in the society as an Astrologers, if they wish.

Benefits of learning Astrology from Vedic Shiksha Peeth of Occult Science
  • You Will Be Able To Give Accurate Future Predictions.
  • You Will Definitely Learn More Than The Syllabus.
  • You Will Be Able To Make Vedic Astrology Birth Chart/ Kundali.
  • You Will Be Able To Give Vedic Remedies And Solutions, etc…

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