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Kaushalya(PHD IN TAROT)

When God cannot come himself he sends angels in the form of humans as an angel and you are the soul which helped me a lot.Thank you so much ma’am for being an angel in my life. Giving the hope of positivity and awakening our souls to do better in this earth.

This Shiva Shakti attunement reminded me all the times when I used to pray to Lord Shiva and mostly the Pashupatinath temple and today I could feel I am in temple where I could see his all 4 faces and it reminded me so much that he has helped me and blessed me in all phases of life. The white energy of blessings were continuous on third eye and it is a very different experience.
Gratitude gratitude gratitude.
Thank you Shiva Shakti,and ganapati ji for coming in this attunement with more blessings. Thank you ma’am for the powerful courses and attunement and helping us to be better and become a pure energy.
Thank you for being my Guru,thank you for teaching us the path of spirituality, thank you thank you thank you.

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